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    Hongkong Regal made the world's most stunning yacht
    2016/8/5 Reading times:[2780]

    l:2014-1-13 10:37:56

    According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on June 13, by the Hong Kong shipping magnate billionaire Anton Marton and his wife Elaine Marton spending huge sums to build the new favorites -- the world's largest three body structure of private luxury yacht ADASTRA Adastra, and was named the "world's most amazing super yacht" the boat international magazine. The yacht is 42.5 meters long, 16 meters wide, weighing 52 tons, with an integrated ship monitoring system, it can even be in the range of 50 meters with an apple iPad control.

    ADASTRA, time-consuming five years to build and in China launched a formal put into use, the yacht designed by British John Chartres worth yacht design company. Hull made of glass and synthetic fiber is made, can accommodate up to nine passengers and a crew of six, yacht stern port deck is a sofa and bar area, the starboard side is a dining area. There is a panoramic view of the main deck hall, open the driver's room on both sides of the sofa, in addition there are open deck, for people to enjoy the sea breeze while the sea breeze.

    In terms of performance, yacht is equipped with a 115 HP, 2300 RPM caterpillar C18 engine energy supply, and there are two Yanmar 110 horsepower, 3200 rpm the outboard engine. The huge fuel tank on the yacht is equipped with a dynamic sailing effect that can hold 4000 miles, almost as much as the distance from London to New York.


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