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    In 2016, we can't miss the super boat
    2016/8/5 Reading times:[2668]




        She may not the biggest l u rssen. However, when Dilbar 156 meters in 6 months appeared in the European and Mediterranean delivery will attract the many eyes. The German shipyard has given the Dilbar a number of key elements, she is the largest tonnage of Super Yachts, its 180 cubic meters of swimming pool is also called the most. The strong power of 30000 kW diesel generator can not be underestimated, her cruising speed of 22.5 knots.




           LrssenAmelsBenettiHeesen in shipyard are frequent, 2016 has become a super yacht industry of the year.

           Let us concentrate on the latest delivery of the ship 90 meters with the flagship Lionheart benitez. With the superstructure of the line of beauty and four decks, Lionheart had been in secret, long-term cooperation partner Stefano Natucci and Benity together to complete the design, the interior is responsible by the studio Green & Mingarelli. 



          New flagship Here Comes The Sun, with its biggest Amels, attracts us with its total length of 83 meters. The Amels repeat customers want a bigger yacht, it has made the landmark achievement. 42 meters long, with an area of 300 square meters of owner's exclusive deck and spacious living space available for 14 guests check in is one of the highlights.



         4 years of preparation and development, Cloudbreak in May to leave the Abeking & Rasmussen shipyard, and will start the global cruise. The ship was 72.5 meters exploration boat is 2016 can lease a new boat in the cool, related businesses will be on September 1, in the province of British Columbia Open, she will also in the Caribbean spends the winter in.

         Aboard the peculiar shape of the yacht more details have not yet been released, but the appearance respectively by Christian liaigre and ESPEN oeino responsible for.



         The renowned Dutch shipyard is building the largest yacht heesen shipyard in May released 70.07 metres Galatica super nova, her appearance is by the famous ESPEN oeino surgeon.

         Her colorful interiors by Sinot yacht design, matching with the appearance of a number of traits. Boats on the functional reflected in many of the facilities in multiple use, for example turned apron outdoor theater and waterfall comes with a swimming pool.

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