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    Contact Us

    Add: Linta Industrial Park, Dongtai City, Jiangsu, China.
    Tel: +86 0515 85289888
    Fax: +86 0515 85390188
    Email: sales@www.fgmzt.com
    Contact: Zoe
    Web: www.www.fgmzt.com

    Agent of Australia :Australia Estar Pty Ltd
    Add:33/337 Bay Road,Cheltenham,VIC,3192
    Contact:Wei Yi

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    Aqualand Marine Co.,Ltd. founded in 2009 with a 20-million-registered capital is located in Linta industrial Zone in the southern suburbs of Dongtai, Jiang Su China. Aqualand is a professional manufacturer and designer that focuses on the development and production of marine products such as marine seats, pedestal, cabin cushion and other hardwares in stainless steel, aluminum and composite materials. Our products are exported to Americas, Australia and European countries and well appreciated by the end users. So far, Aqualand has established long-term relations with some marine companies and marine accessory stores.
    In rencent years, we have continuously purchased the advanced equipments from Germany and Japan, and have set up an integrated and complete cycle with designing, testing, manufacturing, assembling and debugging process in-whole. Currently, Aqualand has over 20 series and more than 800 kinds of marine producets.
    To build a better Aqualand,We will take it as our great mission according to creating teh perfect business intergrity,always adherring to the principle that design superbly,manufacture carefully,quality first,customer utmost so that We look forward to becoming a value added supplier and partner with you.
    Copyright: Aqualand Marine Co.,Ltd.
    Add: Linta Industrial Park, Dongtai City, Jiangsu, China. Tel: +86 0515 85289888Fax: +86 0515 85390188
    Email: sales@www.fgmzt.comContact: ZoeWeb: www.www.fgmzt.com 䰸̖KICP16046042̖
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